OKO Puncture Free Bike

• The Best all-purpose tube puncture preventer
• The e-bike anti-puncture solution
• Seals holes in tubes up to 4 mm
• Works on multiple punctures
• Lasts the life of the tyre
• Suitable for commuter, folding, urban, touring bikes – and any bike rental scheme (NEW 5 litre, and 25 litre, workshop sizes)!

• NOW APPROVED BY TUBOLITO for protection in their lightweight, durable synthetic TPU tubes – the only preventative tyre sealant to pass their tests and be recommended!

OKO Puncture Free Bike is a water-based liquid that is able to work on both tubed and full UST tubeless tyres.

It gives peace of mind and lasting security for the tyre’s life, with a dose of 60-100ml per tyre in mainstream bikes, depending on size.

An all-purpose product for commuting, touring (and perfect for peace of mind on your e-bike).

(For ‘tubeless ready’ tyres, use a rim strip plus OKO Magic Milk™: you may see other water-based sealants claiming to be ‘tubeless’ but they will not seal porous sidewalls, and unless you have a perfect bead/rim seal they are not the answer…)


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