OKO Quads & ATVs

• Dedicated Quad Bike Tyre Sealant
• Go further, rougher, safer
• Like having a spare wheel
• Tested and used in team racing by Polaris France
• Seals holes up to 7mm
• For on-road and off-road Quad & ATV use


There may be no room for a spare on a Quad, but having OKO in the tyres is the next best thing, without the large weight penalty.

Trialled and used in severe racing environments by Polaris in France, and in the Roof of Africa challenge, this product has been through the toughest tests. …

It deals with the tough stuff off-road and still copes with faster race or on-road riding (where laws allow).

Farmers, recreational riders and racing users alike will appreciate the extra security that OKO provides. It’s a winning choice.


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